Pale Eulogies EP

by Field of Spears

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released September 23, 2011



all rights reserved


Field of Spears Portland, Maine

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Track Name: The Great Equalizer
The throne room of the King sat bare and empty
And in his bed did he lie and wait
The Queen sat dutifully at his side, expected as to be
And the princes waited, expecting an exaltation of his graces

He said, “You are all great men of courage
You are all great men of honor
And I’ve loved you all, but I’ve loved some more than others
But beneath the sun you sons are all sons of the Son the same,”
He proclaimed. “and thats why there’ll be no throne for any of you to claim”

“This kingdom was built on the backs of lesser men who’ll never see its glory
But men they are just the same, of the same cut and the same creation
And who’s to say that by birth we are the greater men? That blood should make the change And who should say it true? For at the close and the wings of grey, we all stand the same, in The same diminished way.”

The King rotted away
And the Queen took her own blood
The princes cut into their hearts with proletarian blades
And the king laughed as he spit out his last breath
Track Name: Veil
If I die today, what of worth will I have done?
Pull my corpse by the feet
Drag me to the center of town
And burn me in front of the crowd

If I die tomorrow read from a pale eulogy
Let my corpse bloat in the sunlight
And rot for all to see
For Death is a pale king
And I his servant.
Track Name: Before the Pale
Tied down in the tidal seas, waiting to drown as the flow is diseased. But the water just swirls around, it wont enter my lungs. So I watch the waves tear away the shore. Buildings and bridges, houses and hostels, hostels and hospitals. Every man, woman, and child, man-child, woman-child, man-woman, and woman-man. All of the pimps, pushers, drug dealers and drug addicts, rapists, child rapists, and the rapist children. All of the priest and politicians, scientists and mathematicians, sodomites, the sodomized, and all those with Jesus in their eyes. All of the mothers and all of the fathers. All of the lawyers and all of the doctors. All of the quick fix snacks and all of the prix-fix 3 star oppulentaries. Every last memory of the horrid culture flowing away in the undercurrent, drowning away the last stain of humanity. Washing away the stain of Divinity.